RAW MATERIALS.... Natural ancient old ingredients (olive oil and water ) and high quality flour, are processed the traditional way of: FERMENTATION - MATURATION - DIVISION -- DEHYDRATION, executed by experienced people with knowledge and keen taste, creating an amazing product known for its appetizing tastiness and the beneficial effects on the human body.


KNEADING: flour, olive oil and water mixed in a wooden or metal mixer

MATURATION: The dough is placed in an area with stable and specific humidity (stoves) in order to obtain volume (rise). At this stage the breads gases are generated by the decomposition of simple sugars in the flour from the fermentation of yeast (sourdough).

BAKING: The expanded dough is placed in a blazing oven with a temperature of 180 degrees Celsius. The baking takes about 45 minutes DIVISION (FINAL SIZE AND SHAPE). After cooling, the baked dough is cut into pieces with specific shape and thickness (2 to 4 inches) and is placed on sheet pans for the final stage of production

DRYING OR dehydration: The sheet pans of cut, shaped and baked dough are again placed in oven of 100 degrees Celsius for one hour. At that stage most of the moisture has been removed and the rusks have obtained their dry texture